Tag: Security

Tag: Security

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How we helped Epix to mitigate a potential #FAIL

How we helped a client with server resilience and redundancy, making a number of marginal gains in hardware configuration and datacentre locations.

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Our Peering and Transit Network Upgrade

Over the last month we have been working hard to upgrade and improve our network. We have performed some maintenance, some upgrades, and overhauled our peering and transit "edge" to improve routing convergence, BGP security, and be ready to grow our capacity.

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Security Notice Regarding Faelix Registered Office

No client-confidential data or business-affecting items have been taken, following a burglary of the Faelix registered office (as no such items are kept there).

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Faelix provides off-site backup storage to several businesses. Some have bought a NAS for their office and a NAS to store in our racks. Some have a NAS in their office and rent off-site storage from Faelix. This gives peace of mind should a disaster befall a client's files. In all cases, though, customers want to be able to access their data while out of their office. How can we help?

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It's 2015 and there are more security holes than ever!

In April 2014, after having lain in the code since December 2011, the discovery of the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL was announced. Since then, it seems like barely a month has gone by without a major security hole in a major piece of infrastructure. Security seems to be getting worse rather than better. How come?