Network Function Virtualisation

We built our virtual private server infrastructure to power the needs of ISPs. Colocate or interconnect with us to take advantage of our metal, directly attached to your network.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) decouples network functions from proprietry hardware and systems so that network services like firewalls, routers, load balancers etc can be virtualised using COTS x86 or ARM commodity hardware.

This results in CAPEX savings in that proprietry hardware is not needed and your dependency on hardware and software release cycles is removed bringing increased agility and flexibility. OPEX is also reduced because the data centre footprint is reduced- multiple VMs can run on one server, and services can scale to meet peak demand rather than needing built-in overcapacity (often required by proprietry systems).

Get in touch if you have a bespoke requirement like this.

What we do

  • Hardware: we'll manage the metal.
  • Replication: multi-site failover available.
  • Support: excellent UK located support.

What you can do

  • Save cap-ex: no need to buy server hardware.
  • Save op-ex: more efficient colocation footprint.
  • Interconnect: layer-2 straight into your core.

Virtual CPU cores

Increase the number of cores for better performance. Add RAM for memory-hungry applications.

SSD disks

Improved performance with a blend of solid-state drives, and bulk storage using traditional "spinning rust".

Virtual console

Never be locked out of your server management thanks to our virtual console.

Linux distributions

Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS — we support most Linux distributions, plus MikroTik CHR and VyOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our NFV VPSs only have layer-2 connectivity to your network, so any layer-3 addressing is your responsibility. Use your own IPv4 and IPv6 public address space, sit the VPS in a private subnet, or use RFC6598 for CGNAT: you have complete control.

DNS servers are a perfect example of how to use our NFV service. There's no need to colocate a 1U server for a typical alt-net's resolver.

Our own DNS is a VNF

For alt-nets using our backhaul services, AAA services can be securely interconnected at layer-2.

More about Backhaul

We have several images ready to go, including MikroTik CHR, VyOS, and Peplink Fusionhub. Our platform can run Cisco and Juniper virtual routers, and other vendors' besides. Plenty of our own network is built using virtual routing infrastructure.

Where customer routing infrastructure is colocated with us, we simply extend the relevant layer-2 network segment from our cloud hosting platform towards a customer-facing port. For off-net providers we can do the same via a cross-connect at one of our many points of presence.

POP List

Modern virtualisation hardware is certainly performant enough for VoIP servers and hosted PBX.

We have ready-to-go images of UNMS/UISP, UniFi Controller, and other control-plane software. Either run them as a traditional VPS where we provide its Internet connection, or hook it straight into your own colocated routing infrastructure.

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