Dedicated Servers

We can create a dedicated server solution to meet your exact hardware and software requirements, giving you complete control over your hosting environment.

Do you need your own dedicated server hosting? We can provide servers located in our Manchester and Geneva data-centres. With a 99.95% network guarantee, 1 Gbit/s network port as standard and routers and border firewalls in fall-over pairs you get a fast stable environment for your server.

We provide 24/7 UK support direct to the engineers who do the work which means no first line support desk getting in the way of meeting your needs.

We’ll quickly create a dedicated server config tailored to your exact dedicated server hardware and software requirements. To set up the server we use SaltStack, deploying several hundred salt states to each server to configure:

  • Debian Linux on 64-bit CPUs
  • Nginx, Varnish and Apache for high-speed web serving
  • MySQL and automysqlbackup for databases
  • Postfix, Dovecot, AMaViS, ClamAV, Postfix.admin and other tools for handling email
  • Borg Backup for daily and weekly backups of your data
  • helpful scripts so that you can get on with building websites, sending emails, and getting the most out of your server

You can have complete control over your server, or we can part or fully manage for you. If you need managed backups, unlimited bandwidth, or anti-DDoS protection talk to us and we’ll create a flexible solution to meet your requirements.

95.5% Network Guarantee

Our network has 99.5% guaranteed uptime

1Gbps network ports

1Gbps network ports as standard


Server replication in remote locations

Hardware warranty

Hardware replacement warranty as standard

Managed firewall

Advanced IP firewall management


Proactive chatops-enabled monitoring sends alerts via Pushover, SMS, and chat

Multi-site network

Network across multi-sites with multi-links out


Fall-over pair border and router firewalls, anti-DDos protection available

Latest News

03 October 2021

Expanding the core network of a wireless ISP

We expanded and added reslience the network of TxRx, in spite of a forced move over Christmas from their existing provider.

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31 August 2021

Real-Time IoT/M2M Network Telemetry and Event-Driven Automation

Explaning how to use our industry-leading IoT and M2M telemetry and APIs to build event-driven software-defined networks.

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22 August 2021

Broadband Network Telemetry over MQTT

We expose live telemetry and control plane APIs via MQTT, easing the path for customers to create their own network automation using our wholesale platform.

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07 April 2021

Faelix is a Zen Internet Wholesale Partner

Wholesale broadband services bring additional flexibility and agility to our connectivity services portfolio.

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19 February 2021

High Availability L2TP LNS Steering with FreeRADIUS and ExaBGP

The specification, technical design, and implementation details of our L2TP RADIUS tunnel-steering configuration for wholesale XDSL/FTTP services.

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07 February 2021

Faelix is a LINX Silver ConneXions Reseller Partner

We're proud to announce that we've achieved LINX Silver ConneXions Reseller Partner Status

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31 January 2021

National Fibre at Heaton Group Bolton

We're providing white-label ISP services in collaboration with National Fibre to deliver gigabit broadband connectivity to 61 flats in Bolton.

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30 January 2021

Our Network Collective podcast

We did an hour podcast interview with Network Collective where they asked us about building out our provider network in the UK

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23 January 2021

Growing our RSS Feed

Adding an RSS feed to our statically-built website.

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03 January 2021

Our Trials and Tribulations with the Intel i40e Series

How a fault with a network driver caused an unexpected router crash on New Year's Eve.

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16 December 2020

Our UK Ring is Complete

The last link in our network around the UK was brought into production service.

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28 November 2020

How we helped Epix to mitigate a potential #FAIL

How we helped a client with server resilience and redundancy, making a number of marginal gains in hardware configuration and datacentre locations.

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