We’re able to offer advice and consultancy on the implementation of DDoS detection and the activaton of mitigation services by changing BGP route announcements to take your traffic through DDoS scrubbing using a service provider like Voxility.

Voxility is a global Infrastructure as a Service provider, specializing in DDoS Protection for networks and ISPs. The company operates its own global network, offering secure and dedicated Internet infrastructure and network services on a pay-as-you-go basis, within an environment where all major networks interconnect, allowing instant access to peering and cloud services. Leveraging direct access to more than 1600 BGP peers, Voxility is able to deliver top-notch DDoS mitigation services at a global scale with low latency and improved customer experience.

Today, Voxility is the first choice of many companies around the world looking for custom built infrastructure solutions and tailored support, due to its massive bandwidth capacity, competitive pricing, sprawling product portfolio and network features. Some of the largest websites and internet service providers rely on Voxility to deliver day-to-day value to their customers.