Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy is written to help keep the Internet safe.

No Spam

Faelix is a strong supporter of anti-spam efforts. We have contributed to several initiatives, for example Project Honey Pot.

We do not permit our network to be used for the transport or delivery of unsolicited marketing email.

No Hate

In line with our ethical charter we do not permit the use of our hosting services to further prejudices, hatred, or directed abuse.

Network Monitoring

Faelix does not perform any surveillance on customers’ servers or their network traffic. Faelix does not have any third party surveillance within its network. However, we do monitor the state of our network for abnormal patterns of traffic, or sudden changes in system load. We do this to try to nip any problems in the bud.

Contacting Us

We’re not perfect — nobody is — so we promise to respond to abuse reports from other ISPs, security researchers, our customers, and anybody else should they spot something we haven’t. Please send an email to

If you need to send something particularly sensitive, and your email server supports it, will only accept email via high security TLS ciphersuites (Gmail, notably, works well).